There are lots and lots of brands for snowmobile gear, however one of the largest companies is called Castle X. Castle X is known for their coats and gloves. You can get a jacket from as little as $80 or as much as $360. For gloves, you can get a pair of gloves for $35 or for as much as $90. Although the prices are high, the products still remain extremely popular because they are known to be amazing, sturdy products. Another large brand is KLIM, they are known for all of their products, and the people that buy KLIM usually buy everything KLIM. You can get a coat from them for as much as $450 or the cheapest coat is $280. From KLIM you can also get a full suit for nearly $1000! I have seen many people wearing KLIM gear however, because it is essentially the Gucci of snowmobile gear. Nonetheless as much as snowmobile gear can be, the gear is essential to riding and if you don't spend a lot of money you may find yourself with ripping, cold, and dangerous gear.